Fixing a Partially Collapsed Fence

My mom noticed that one small (~5 foot) section of her fence had started to collapse, and my brother had an easy solution for the problem! Luckily, the boards were all still connected, but the section as a whole was falling down. Turns out the posts that hold the fence in place was rotted through.

I thought I had a before pic… Boo, I don’t. See below for an idea of what it was like.

We purchased two 4×4 posts. We used a post hole digger to dig new holes for the new posts.

This fence is supposed to be touching the house in the right… you can see how it is falling away on the left.

He dug until the two posts were level with each other at the top.

We bought a bag of Quikete concrete mix.

My brother poured the concrete mix and the water into the holes and around the posts. We let it all dry for a few hours.

Once the posts were solidly in place, we pulled the fence up to them and screwed it into the posts. This didn’t turn out as planned, though, because the yard angled down, and the fence was a bit warped. The fence wouldn’t sit flush up to the left post, so we had to improvise! We cut small pieces of wood to use as a filler where there was a gap between the post and the fence. We screwed everything into each other, and it stayed perfectly! It doesn’t look all that professional, but luckily this is on the side of the house that is in a corner where no one goes, and it’s surrounded by trees. It won’t be very noticeable, thank goodness.

All better now!

It’s attached to the house again 🙌🏻


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