Attaching a Mini Basketball Goal to the Wall

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My kiddos LOVE the sport of basketball. My son has a mini hoop in his bedroom that we installed onto a wooden frame, and he plays on that all the time. The only problem with it is that there’s not a lot of room for more than one person to play.

My daughter got a mini hoop for Christmas. Instead of putting it behind her door or on her wall, she wanted to put it in our more-open loft area. That would allow for 2-3 people to play mini basketball at once!

This is what we did!

Stephen got two pieces of scrap wood, 2″ x 1″ size. He cut them to the width of the hoop, plus 5 inches (2.5 extra inches on each side). He painted them black ahead of time. He used drywall screws and screwed them into studs.

He used his level to make sure they were exactly level, and the same distance apart.

This is looking at the back of the hoop. The hoop came with door hooks already attached/screwed in. Stephen removed those and used the pre-made holes to screw the hoop into the pieces of wood.

Ta-da! All attached.

This hoop has provided hours of entertainment in our household! 😉


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