Easy DIY Charging Station- No Tools Required!

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We have three kids, which means we have several different electronics in our household. For months now, I’ve been trying to get organized with a “charging station” where the kids would put their stuff each night. I have been trying to find plans to build one, but haven’t really had any luck.

We have had this small table from IKEA for years now, and it doesn’t really serve a purpose, so I thought- why not turn this into our charging station?

I originally was going to paint the top with either dry erase paint or black chalk paint (both from Rustoleum), but realized that the material this table is made out of is conducive to having dry erase marker go on it (and be easily erased!). So no paint needed- woohoo!

I measured the different items we had, drew boxes with dry erase markers, and labeled who and what should go in each box. This had some trial and error, but luckily the dry erase marker came off easily with a Clorox wipe. It’s also good for the future, as I’m sure the electronics (and their sizes!) will change.

I covered the kids’ names, just in case you were wondering. 😉

I bought these cord holders from Amazon for pretty cheap. You can stick them near where the electronics’ plug-ins will be, and the cord holder keeps the cord in place. It helps not having open ended cords hanging every which direction!

You pull the red plastic off and it sticks.

I placed the cord holders where they needed to go.

And here you go! A charging station for all of the kids’ stuff.

You could make this very cheaply with any outlet/table. However, if you’d like some of the specific things I used, see below for some links.

Outlet Surge Protector: Click here

Cord Holders: Click here

IKEA table: Click here

As much as we have enjoyed building things from scratch, it’s always a good thing to check what you have already and see if it can be put to use!


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