How to Cover & Prevent Mildew with Primer

Our mountain house is constantly humid. It’s in the woods, surrounded by trees, so there’s not a lot of sun that hits the actual house. Inside, that translates to an overall damp feeling. One thing we have noticed is that there are small mildew spots along the white trim/doors in the downstairs. When I got the paint to paint the bathroom door, I spoke with an employee at the Ace Hardware who offered me some great advice for what worked at his house, in terms of something to help with mildew.

This is Mold Killing Primer by Zinsser. The man swore by this and said that 2-3 coats of this primer helped to control the mildew in his house. The can says that it “kills existing mold, mildew, and odor causing bacteria”. It includes a Fungicidal protective coating to prevent future growths.

What I did for the door I painted was do 2 coats of the primer first, before painting the door blue. I also painted the trim on the inside of the bathroom, as there were many spots of mildew found there. So far, so good! Hopefully this primer will help do the trick.


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