Replacing a Regular Door with a Barn Door

Once our bathroom remodel was complete, we realized how awkward the door that opens from our master bedroom into the bathroom is. It opens fine, but blocks the entryway to the water closet. We had talked about removing the door and adding a barn door for a long time, and finally went for it!


Originally, the door opened towards the water closet. You had to squeeze behind the open door to get in. We had already taken the door off at this point!

We purchased a pre-made barn door from Home Depot. It was a blank slate, but we didn’t have to do anything to put the actual door together. It also came with a 2×4 piece of wood. We painted both with white trim paint.

Stephen hung up the 2×4 horizontally above the door. It is supposed to go along the path where the door will slide, so we had to first figure out where that needed to be. He also screwed in the metal track on top of the white board- we had to measure the height this needed to be, in order for the door to sit at the right level.

Next, Stephen installed the black wheel parts that will go on the track.

There were washers included that you put between the black wheel part and the black track part. These allowed for the door to sit off the wall so it would slide over the existing trim. This was HUGE for us, because we really didn’t want to have to remove the trim around the door frame!

We set the wheels on the track, and voila!

This door is a complete game changer for our bathroom, and it was SO easy- I wish we had done this sooner!


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