DIY Double Dog Kennel

Whew! We just wrapped up a big project for some of our friends. They had asked us if we could build a double dog kennel, one that looks like a nicer piece of furniture. They had just moved into a new and beautiful home, and wanted their kennel to look nicer in one of their front rooms.

Stephen found some free plans on Garden Plans website for a large double kennel. However, this was a 6 foot size, and they wanted theirs to be 8 feet wide (they have two huskies). Luckily, it’s pretty easy to adjust the plans to fit this length since you can purchase wood in 8-foot lengths.

Stephen purchased all of the materials, except the rebar at our local home improvements stores was really rusty and not nice looking. He contacted a local metal place and was able to purchase 3/8″ metal poles the same size as the rebar. These steel bars were smooth and could easily be spraypainted black. They were about $7 each for a 6-foot piece.

First, he built the base and the top of the kennel using 5 pieces of 8-foot 2×6 wood each. He used wood glue and pocket hole screws to connect the pieces. (Note: we stained as much as we could along the way to make it easier for us)

Next, he built the frames for the sides and middle using 1x3s. He drilled 3/8″ holes 1 inch deep on the inside top and bottom of the frames. He used a special blade for cutting steel to cut the poles down to 26″. He inserted the metal poles so that 1″ of the poles were in the drilled holes of the sides. That way, they weren’t going anywhere!

He made the back wall, using 1×6 pieces of wood, wood-glued and pocket-hole screwed together. He attached the three sides to the back wall. We used clamps to keep them in place until the glue dried.

He began building the frame for the front of the kennel. This frame would have the bars on the far right and left side, and doors with bars in the middle. He put the poles in on the sides of the front. He then screwed the front piece onto the frame.

Stephen built the two doors and added the poles to them. He installed the doors, using hinges. He also added handles and a sliding lock to each one.

He attached the top piece to the kennel, using screws. He used wood putty to cover any screw holes.

Once the putty dried and the piece was sanded, we finished staining the piece using Minwax Aged Barrel. They wanted to stain to be lighter, so we only did a couple of coats, allowing the lighter wood grain to show through. It had more of a rustic look to it.

And… voila! Here it is in their house…

…and with their dogs. Now sure how they’re feeling about it quite yet. 😉

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