Changing the Look of Picture Frames

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One thing I have learned over the past few years is that it is so easy to change the look of a picture frame, simply by painting the frame itself! Whether it’s an old gold/brassy frame, a tarnished silver frame, or just a frame that doesn’t match a room anymore, simple acrylic paint and a paintbrush will completely change the look!

I recently bought some 11×14 frames from Amazon. They were on super sale, down to only $14.63 for five 11×14 frames. Five! That’s almost unheard of. Granted, I got them in the pinkish marble color- I figured that if I didn’t like the color, I’d paint them.

The pinkish marble, in person, was like an off-white, light tan, which didn’t go with the room I wanted them to be in.

So, I pulled out the gray acrylic paint and got to painting! It took 2 coats of paint to have a solid look.

I also ordered some floral prints on Amazon- they were four for $13.99. The cool thing was that they’re actually canvas material, not paper… so they looked even nicer when framed.

Check the frames out now!

So, for about $30, I have three personalized frames above our guest bed! Not too shabby! Plus, I have two extra frames and one extra print to use somewhere else.


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