DIY Window Box

My next goal with styling the shed was to add a window box under the shed window. These boxes looked super simple to do, and after reading a few blogs on how to build them, I kind of just formed a plan in mind and went for it.

All I needed to purchase for this project was a 12 foot piece of 1×6 pressure treated wood (which was about $10). Everything else (wood glue, screws, and paint) I had on hand. I had a worker at a Home Depot go ahead and cut the piece into four 3-foot sections.

My original measurement needed was 33-15/16 inches for the length… but I just went with the 36” length from the Home Depot cuts!

I painted the wood first. I got this great exterior Kils paint in the “oops” paint section for a whopping $5. I decided to try it out!

I love the oops paint section.

After painting a couple of coats and letting them dry, I got to building. The first thing I realized was that it’s very hard to screw two pieces of wood together in an “L” shape. There is no way to put pressure on the wood when you drill the screw in. (I’m sure there’s some fancy thing out there for this… help a sister out if you know!)

Wood glue to the rescue! I glued the pieces together in the “L” shape and let them dry. The clamp was helpful to keep the side from falling over. I did the same for the other side of the box.

I measured out the size that the ends of the box needed to be. I cut those pieces out, and wood-glued them into place.

Once all of this dried, I felt comfortable moving the box around and drilling in the screws. I put screws in wherever the wood pieces met each other on the ends.

I put wood putty over the screws, did a final coat of paint, and went outside to install it! I used three 3” screws to drill directly into the shed walls.

The window box ended up being the width of the trim, plus about an inch on each side.

Since it’s the first week of February, I didn’t purchase any flowers to include… but here are some pretty fake ones! 😉 I drilled holes in the bottom for drainage, and I’m going to line the box with weed cloth before putting potted flowers/plants in.

A ~$10 addition to the shed! The shutters and window box added the extra “uumph” I think this shed needed!


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