How to Spray Bleach a Shirt

My daughter played in a big basketball tournament this summer, and wanted a tournament t-shirt as a souvenir. You know those things aren’t cheap. 😉 She decided to clean her bathroom in it one day, and got a few bleach spots on the front. They were way too obvious to be able to wear it out like normal, and I was pretty annoyed about it… until I got an idea!


Have you seen those popular shirts with bleach spots all over them? The spots are random in placement, and some shirts have larger spots, while some have more of a “sprayed” look. I looked into how to make this happen, and, with my daughter’s permission, I went for it!

-I got an empty spray bottle and filled it with straight bleach.

-I went outside (fresh air!) and spread the shirt out on an old blanket. I put a piece of cardboard inside the shirt, so the bleach wouldn’t soak through from the front to the back.

Then… I started spraying! I did the “mist” setting and did some trial sprays at the bottom of the shirt. The bleach dries within a few minutes, and you can see the white spots come through pretty quickly.

My bottle would leak every so often, dropping bigger drops on the shirt. I just had to go with this, and added bigger dots all around the shirt front.

-Once I felt like I was happy with the front of the shirt, I let it dry for about 30 minutes.

-I then flipped the shirt over, and did the same to the back!

-Once the whole shirt was done and had dried, I washed the shirt (with detergent) on a cold setting, then dried it.

A couple things to note:
-her t-shirt had writing/logos/names on it. I was careful not to spray over these things. I tried my best to go around what was originally printed on the shirt.
-be sure to spread the shirt out straight, that way you don’t leave out any parts of the shirt because it was creased or folded.
-don’t forget to spray the sides of the shirt and the tops of the shoulders!

My daughter loves it!! If I try this again, I’ll go for a more sprayed look to see how they compare… but she wore it the next day to school, so I’ll count that as a win! 🙂


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