DIY Barn Door Kit

My friend, Rose, and her hubby, Todd, have done some really cool DIY projects in their house. (Remember the half-bath and dining room redos?)

They wanted to add a barn door in place of their normal pantry door. They had the perfect spot for it!


They purchased a barn door kit from Amazon. Rose wanted to paint the door a navy color, and she found a color from “Rethunk Junk”. She began by painting the pieces of wood first (before it was put together).

They followed the kit directions to put the door together.

Next, they attached the included brackets.

They screwed the headboard into the wall. This allows for the door to slide over the original door’s trim (so you won’t have to remove the trim).

Then, they added the rail onto the headboard.

They drilled the floor guide piece into their flooring.

And… voila!

Rose told me there were some obstacles they faced along the way. A few of their measurements were off, and some of the boards came warped. Also, like most homes, their house isn’t square, which adds an extra element to almost any project!

Once the door was up for a few days, Rose decided the color was a little too much of a “teal” instead of a “navy”.

She had some navy chalk paint that she loved (color-wise) but she didn’t want the matte look that it gives. She had a guy at Home Depot color match the chalk paint and mixed it in a cheaper cabinet & door paint.

She repainted it… you can really tell the difference and see how much green was in the first color.

The final project!

Doesn’t it look amazing?? I know she said they had some obstacles, but you can’t even tell- I love how it looks! Now I want to go and get one of the kits for my house. 🙂


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