Playroom Organization

In our house, we have an open “loft” area that we use for a kids’ area. My kids are probably a little too old for a “playroom”, but it’s where video games, a tv, legos and more are. It is almost always a disaster- this is what it typically looks like:

Stuff everywhere, little organization

One of my goals this summer was to get this room together. I first went through everything and made a Goodwill run to donate what we don’t need.

Then, I ordered some shelves from Target. I got two cube shelves for about $25 each, and I got two table shelves for $18 each.

The hardest part is finding a solid hour with a) nothing else to do and b) some motivation to put all the shelves together. 🙂 It took a few days, but I finally did it!

I painted the dark brown chest that was below the tv with gray chalk paint. I also painted the two table shelves- I would’ve left them white, but I accidentally grabbed off-white 🤪 and had already started putting one together before I noticed. So, gray it was!

Before painting…

I’m still not totally organized, but this system is SO much better than it was before! It’s amazing how some cheap target shelves and lighter paint can make a big difference!

Check it out!


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