Laundry Room Board & Batten

Another part of my sister’s laundry room that we changed was adding board and batten to the walls! We did this similar to how we did our kitchen’s board and batten.

Normally, this was was totally gray. My sister had gone ahead and painted the bottom half white for the board and batten.

If you recall, the issue with using real pieces of wood is that the thickness of the wood overhangs the thickness of the baseboard. There are some options…you can always remove the baseboards; cut out sections of the baseboards for the board to go down to the floor; or you can shave off the bottom part of the wood to match the thickness of the baseboards.

OR… you can do it the extra easy way! 😉 We bought a box of eight 4-foot plank pieces for about $40 at Home Depot. I’m not sure if these are exactly what we used, but they are pretty close. The boards were already thin (3/8″ versus a 1×4 that would be 3/4″) so they met the baseboards very nicely.

We bought about 16 feet of 1×4 wood for the horizontal pieces. We painted these white ahead of time. We measured the walls to see how we needed to make the cuts for these horizontal pieces.

We also went ahead and painted the rest of the walls white where we knew the board and batten (and mud area) would go.

We lined up where we wanted the battens to go, and went ahead and hung the horizontal pieces so the base of the wood was right at 4 feet in height. Stephen used the nail gun to secure these pieces in place.

I secured the battens in place using the nail gun. These pieces are very lightweight and easy to hang… I didn’t need a second hand!

Once all of the wood and plank pieces were hung, we did one more coat of white to freshen it up.

Ta da! A completely updated laundry room for super cheap! All of this cost less than $115.

I don’t have a final final pic… we did continue the battens by the bar area, too! But you get the idea. 😉

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