Board and Batten- Bedroom

My middle child makes me laugh, all the time. There’s something about her demeanor that is sweet and caring yet witty and sarcastic, and the combination is amazing to me. Take her room style, for example. She went from wanting a “fluffy” room 2.5 years ago (fuzzy pillows, rug, soft turquoise, pink, and silver accents);Continue reading “Board and Batten- Bedroom”

DIY Farmhouse Monogram

Our town has the cutest new place. It’s a huge building filled with people’s booths of things they are selling… usually unique DIY/crafty-type stuff or decorative accents. It’s kind of a step up from any market shop I’ve been to before. I could get in a lot of trouble ($$$) there! My middle child wantsContinue reading “DIY Farmhouse Monogram”

DIY Rustic Towel Ring + Toilet Paper Holder

While our current house was being built (about 2.5 years ago), the five of us lived in a 1000 square foot apartment for 7 months. It was an adventure, that’s for sure! It gave us a few months to think about and shop around for what we wanted to use to decorate in our newContinue reading “DIY Rustic Towel Ring + Toilet Paper Holder”

Fireplace Update

Our second quarantine project involved our fireplace. Let me give you a little background info on our fireplace. Our house was built in 2018 by a big builder. We were drowning in the 30+ pages of “upgrades”, and the $5,000 fireplace upgrade was one we quickly decided to nix. We figured we could live withContinue reading “Fireplace Update”