$1200 Bathroom Makeover

We decided to update our master bathroom (more on that later…!), and we figured that we’d also update our downstairs/guest bathroom while we were at it.

In total, we spent $1200 for materials and labor, and I wanted to share with you what we did!

First, we changed out the cultured marble counter and sink with granite, a new sink, and a new faucet (that we got for free, from a friend who works for a faucet company!)



Next, we changed out the floor tiles! We went from the typical square shaped ones to plank LVP. I love it!



I got a new shower curtain to match our walls and accessories better, and… bada bing, bada boom… it’s done! I’m loving how light and bright and nicer it looks now.


2 thoughts on “$1200 Bathroom Makeover

    1. Hey Val! We went to the granite place up in Waleska- I’m not sure what the name is. We got to pick out our piece, and they came to the house to measure, and then installed! It was a very good experience.


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