DIY Green Egg Wood Table

Do you have a Green Egg? My husband got one about 10 years ago, and part of the deal included a wooden table to hold the grill in place. The table has been SUPER helpful and I can’t imagine grilling without it!

Looking at the table, Stephen has realized how easy it would have been to make it himself. Speaking of, here are some DIY ideas if you’re interested.

Our Green Egg table is in great shape, structure-wise… but the top of the table needed to be replaced. It’s what gets all of the elements (rain, grease, pollen, etc) and it was looking pretty bad.


So, instead of re-doing the whole table, Stephen just redid the top! Here is what he did.

-three 8 ft. 1×4 pieces of pressure-treated wood
-exterior decking screws


-Stephen removed the old wood with his drill gun. *he kept these pieces in tact because…

-…he traced the old wood pieces onto the new wood, so he would have the exact measurements needed.
*tip: he wrote numbers on the back of the wood to keep them in order. For some rows, there are two pieces- one to the left or the grill, and one to the right. He would label those “2R” and “2L”, for example.

-He cut the pieces to length. For the curved parts, he used his jigsaw. He sanded all of the boards (tops and edges).

-He did a dry fit, where he laid the wood in place to make sure everything fit properly. He then screwed the pieces in.

-Last step… polyurethane. This will help protect the wood.

Now it is SO much better!!!


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