Get Ready for Summer (Under $10 Deals!)

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It is almost SUMMER!!!! This winter seemed very long and extra cold, so I am beyond ready for warmer weather. I’m ALSO ready for some lazy days of summer.

I wanted to share some under $10 deals that will help you get into the summer spirit! (prices are as of 4/9/23)

33 feet of LED string lights– only $6.79 shipped!

-This Hummingbird feeder is only $7.69 shipped!

2 sets of 33 feet solar lights in blue for only $5.99 shipped!

-2 striped outdoor pillow covers for only $9.44 shipped!

-Another 2 pack of outdoor pillow covers- Relax! Only $9.99 shipped.

-These copper windchimes are only $8.39 shipped!

-This cute Welcome garden flag is only $6.29 shipped!

-This cute patio sign is only $5.58 shipped.

-Another cute patio sign for only $4.89 shipped!

-More windchimes for only $6.91 shipped!

-This macrame plant holder is only $6.98 shipped!

-This solar table lantern is only $8.39 shipped!

-This 4 pack of popsicle makers is only $8.55 shipped!

-This 4 pack of garden or beach rakes is only $6.79 shipped!

-This would be a cute way to celebrate the start of summer! This banner is only $9.09 shipped.

-This shark baby float (9-36 months) is only $8.99 shipped!

-This is a fun 4th of July/summer garden flag for only $8.64 shipped.

-This patriotic table cloth is only $4.97 shipped!

-If you have a pool, check out this alkaline balancer! Only $8.39 shipped.

-These two Toy Story floats are only $9.59 shipped!

-This pool garden flag is only $6.29 shipped.

-These 3 floating drink holders are only $9.15 shipped!

-This 2 pack of wine tumblers is only $8.78 shipped.

-This Hello Summer garden flag is only $5.59 shipped!

-This 3 pack of cactus floating drink holders is only $6.99 shipped!

-Water shoes for only $9.99 shipped!

-This soccer ball is only $9.79 shipped!


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