Splinter-Free Solution for Deck Railing (using Trex boards)

I visited my brother this past weekend in Nashville, and we got to have some good deck-hanging time (thanks to the warmer weather). He was showing me updates he has done to his deck, and there was something I thought was a great idea that I wanted to share!

His deck is made of wood, but he said he hated how the railing (also made of wood) was rough and could give splinters if held on to. His solution? Trex boards!

What are Trex boards, you ask? They are composite wood boards that are rot and splinter resistant. Their protective outer layer is durable and stain/fade resistant. They come in several sizes and colors, all made to look similar to actual wood.

You can buy Trex at Home Depot and other home-improvement stores. The prices will vary, depending on your area and the size and color of what you want. Here is what my area shows for a 1” x 6” x 12’ piece.

My brother picked a color that matched closely to the existing wood. He removed the original wooden railing, cut the Trex boards to size, and screwed them into the railing below.

This was a great solution, as it solved the problem of the rough railing, while not breaking the bank with doing a lot of Trex boards!


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