Instant Curb Appeal

One of our goals for this blog is to show you easy, simple, and inexpensive ways to do things around your house. Also, we want to show you that if WE can do it, then anyone can! Stephen and I are not at all professionally trained in anything DIY-related, and some of the DIY sites seem too overwhelming to actually try. We hope to plant ideas in your heads to help encourage you to try something you might have been wanting to do!

OK, back to why we are here… curb appeal! There are so many ways you can make the outside of you house look nice, or different, or spruced up. When we moved into our house, we were a little surprised that only the front of the house was landscaped. The sides and back just had sod up to the base of the house. No border around it, no bushes… nothing!

Our AC units… but you can see how the grass butts up right against the house!

We decided to do something that was inexpensive, but made a BIG difference. We tilled up the sod within 2 feet of the house, and we laid down black landscaping paper (for grass growth prevention), and put a pine straw border all the way around.

We added a little curve to make it a little more exciting. 🙂

Later, we bought a bunch of brick edgers from Home Depot. At the time, the edgers were less than a dollar each. We measured around the whole house and estimated how many we needed. (NOTE: I would definitely overestimate so you don’t have to go running back to the store for only a couple more!) We lined them up all the way around the pine straw. We also planted different types of plants, bushes and trees all around the house!

It’s amazing how much more uniform and tied together it looks! We have done more expensive border edging at our other houses, but these edgers have stayed in place and done the job very nicely! Check back soon on the blog for how we updated the landscaping around one of our rental houses.


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