It’s Hammer Time.

Hi! We’re Brooke & Stephen, parents of three, and new to the world of building things. As 40-somethings, we are having so much fun navigating this world of trying to build things… whether it’s creating a small, decorative piece, changing up existing furniture, or if it’s building something serious, where you cross your fingers that it will work out (and actually look okay!).

Our hope is that you can learn something from what we have done and not be afraid to try it in your own home! Trust me, if we can do it, anyone can. We are not afraid to tell you what went wrong, easy shortcuts, things we would do differently next time, or what to avoid!

It’s Hammer Time is a journey of combining together two loves… blogging and DIY. We are not trained in either, so this blog should be a whole lot of hot-mess kind of fun! Thanks for checking us out, and be sure to come back to see what other trouble adventure we get into next!

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