The Verdict is In… (on the Paint/Stain Debate)

What debate? Ok, maybe the one I have in my head. 😉 I had posted earlier about end tables that Stephen made and put on FB Marketplace to sell. We had, at first, stained both end tables brown, and they sat and sat… I then painted the base of the table white, leaving the topContinue reading “The Verdict is In… (on the Paint/Stain Debate)”

What’s Your Paint Style?

When you build something from scratch, you’re all caught up in the planning, buying of the materials, making sure things are cut correctly, actually piecing it together, etc. Once it’s done, the matter of painting or staining the project is a major thought process that you usually overlook… until it’s time to do it! MyContinue reading “What’s Your Paint Style?”

These are a few of my favorite…

Hammertime is reader-supported. When you buy through links on our blog, we may earn commissions. STAINS! Did I have you singing that song? Now I have it stuck in my head. 😉 Anyway! I wanted to document some of my favorite stains that I have used. I’m sure this blog will be repeated and/or updatedContinue reading “These are a few of my favorite…”

How to Re-Do a Stain Color

Remember that post I did about dark to light? We took our older, mahogany-colored coffee table, painted the bottom white, added 1x4s and stained them gray, and voila! We had us a whole new table. The only problem was that, as much as I liked the lighter look, the gray stain just wasn’t working inContinue reading “How to Re-Do a Stain Color”