Craft Room Organization Ideas

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I sure do love crafting, even though I don’t think I’m really that great at it. It is almost like a therapy to me- it allows me to create something new, by myself, in quiet (or while listening to podcasts or music). But, if I don’t have a designated space to organize my craft stuff, then I don’t seem to do crafts much. I think I need to be able to see everything I have to know what I can make!

This is a super-grainy picture of one of my favorite things at our old house that I wanted to share. We had a formal dining room that we used maybe once a year. Meanwhile, we were bursting at the seams with the five of us in the house. We decided to turn our dining room into a craft room/homework & art area!

Now that I had a spot to spread all of my craft stuff out, I wanted to come up with a great way to organize everything. I loved the idea of using a pegboard and all the many accessories that are made to go with one!

A pegboard runs about $20 from a home improvement store- more or less depending on the size you’re looking for. When we hung this on the wall, we used screws to install it into the drywall, but put spacers on the screws (between the wall and the board). This allowed for the board to sit off of the wall about a half-inch so I could hang things in the holes, and there would be space for the hooks to go behind the board.

Pegboard accessories! You can buy these anywhere. Home Depot, Lowe’s, and Amazon were my go-to spots. Ikea also has some great pegboards and accessories. You can buy hooks, buckets, baskets, shelves… the list is endless. The Dollar Store was a great place to get containers. You can hang most anything with holes or handles onto a pegboard. I even got Ikea spice racks and used hooks to hang them! You can be as creative as you want.

I got chalk stickers to label everything. It felt so nice to be able to see everything I had, and to be able to get what I needed easily.

And then, one year later… we moved!! I had to say “see ya” to my awesome craft spot. We lived in an apartment for 7 months while our house was being built, so all of my craft stuff was in a box in a storage unit. When we moved into the house, I had a little crafting spot in our unfinished basement that was not very organized. Luckily, we finished our basement up in the fall of 2020 and I got my own little craft room!

Is it sad that I had Pinterest boards for craft room organization? 😉 I didn’t do the large pegboard this time, but I was able to recycle several things from the old craft room.

This shelf was from my parents’ old house that they didn’t want anymore. I spray-painted it turquoise and it was a great fit in this little wall space.

This was an Ikea shelf that fit these Walmart bins perfectly.

For any of you with a Cricut or a Silhouette machine- this is my favorite way to organize vinyl! These plastic pieces are actually grocery bag holders from Amazon. They work perfectly to hold rolled-up vinyl.

This is 4 of the grocery bag holders together.

I also used an IKEA wooden crate (that I painted gray) to hold my HTV (heat-transfer vinyl). Keeping the regular vinyl and the HTV separate from each other is vital!

Simple nails were used to hang my mats. The turquoise holder is from the Dollar Tree.

I purchased this cool wall hanging from Michael’s at 50% off (I believe I paid about $15 for it). it was perfect for my acrylic paints!

I purchased this small pegboard from Ikea for about $10. I spray-painted it turquoise (it was originally white). The hooks were from my old pegboard. I got the little navy containers from Hobby Lobby for 33 cents each!

I surprisingly had too many storage items than I had items I wanted to sort. The glass jars on the right can be used for future items. The tall dresser drawers these items are sitting on provide a lot of storage, mostly for my Cricut items (shirts, mugs, towels, ornaments, etc.).

There you have it! Lots of storage solutions for craft items. These ideas can also be translated very easily to a workshop, office, or playroom! Happy organizing. 🙂

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