Simple DIY Address Number Sign

I made a SUPER easy front porch decoration for a friend of mine the other day that I wanted to share. It’s a simple idea that adds instant character to a front porch!


-I purchased three 6 inch numbers from Home Depot for $2.97 each.
-I used a piece of excess flooring that measured about 24 inches in height and about 6 inches in width. You could use any type of wood and make it any size you want (as long as it will fit the numbers you chose!)

I painted the piece of flooring with white chalk paint. I lined up the numbers and drew pencil marks in the holes, to mark where to drill. I pre-drilled holes, and then screwed the numbers into place with the screws they came with.

That is it!!! The porch is well-covered, so I didn’t put any weather-protective coating on it, but that is always an option. This was a $10 addition to my friend’s porch!


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