Adding a Wall by Stairs

The last thing we did in our old house’s office was close in a wall where the stairs were once open, and add a single french-style door. We wanted to be able to close in the office to be an independent room, closing off some of the “open concept” that our house offered. I’ll show you what we did.


The area that we wanted to fill in was a slanted section, between the stairs and the ceiling, down to where the door would be. We removed the banister and the trim, then framed out the area, leaving a space for the door. We used 2x4s and installed them vertically down the stairs.

This spot was then sheet-rocked and mudded.

We also installed the door and added trim around it.

We added moulding along the top and bottom of the new office wall, and painted it. It looked like it was originally built this way! It’s really amazing how not difficult it is, in the grand scheme of things, to completely change up a room.


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