Filing Cabinet Makeover: Update!

If you remember, I gave our old filing cabinet a makeover a few months ago. After living with it for a bit, I decided to make one more update. I love the look of wooden slats across the top of things: shelves, benches, tables, and more. So I decided to add pieces of wood acrossContinue reading “Filing Cabinet Makeover: Update!”

Easy DIY Office Wall Sign

When we moved into our house, my son wanted a sports-themed room. In 3 years, he’s gotten over the cute signs I got for him (😢). Instead of just donating them, I decided to try to be creative and change them up! The first one I did was super easy. I didn’t take as manyContinue reading “Easy DIY Office Wall Sign”

Adding a Wall by Stairs

The last thing we did in our old house’s office was close in a wall where the stairs were once open, and add a single french-style door. We wanted to be able to close in the office to be an independent room, closing off some of the “open concept” that our house offered. I’ll showContinue reading “Adding a Wall by Stairs”

Adding Closets to a Blank Wall

Back in 2010, in our old house, we took our box-shaped office and completely re-did it. We added walls, french doors, closets, and built-in shelves! Stephen and our old neighbor, Billy (who is a fantastic wood-worker) did the reno over a few weekends. I wanted to break down some of the things we did intoContinue reading “Adding Closets to a Blank Wall”