9 Cute Teacher Appreciation Gift Ideas

I have been lucky enough to serve as room mom for my kids when they were in Pre-K-2nd grades. Here are some cute teacher appreciation gift ideas that I have done before (thank you, Pinterest!) and I wanted to share them with you!

Tip: You can google the phrase you want to use and there are many, many free printables out there for you to use!

  1. You’re all that and a bag of chips! Get your teacher’s favorite chips and attach this note.

2. Thank you for helping me write a chapter in my story. This would be cute with giving books, journals or notepads!

3. We won the lottery with you at school. Do you have a teacher who loves scratch off lottery tickets? If so, grab a couple and attach this note! (Just make sure it’s okay to give lottery tickets out at your school… it was fine at ours)

4. Thank you for making our year sweet! Get your teacher’s favorite candy bars and attach this note.

5. It’s been a sweet year! Similar to above, get your teacher’s favorite treats and attach this message.

6. A thank you banner– super easy to make. Get patterned paper (I used scrapbook paper), cut them into triangular shapes. Get yarn and fold the base of the triangle over the piece of yarn and glue it to the back of the triangle so each one will stay in place. Print and cut out the letters for the message you want to portray and glue them on each triangle!

7. One-of-a-kind bouquet! Have every student bring in a flower- it can be real, fake, from the yard, from the dollar store… whatever! Put them all together in a vase to give to your teacher.

8. Gift Card wreath. This can be a holiday wreath or just a decorative wreath- get some small clothespin clips to attach donated gift cards, or use ribbon… whatever would work best with your wreath!

9. Personalized “thank you” book. I found these printables online and had the kids fill them out. I attached them together inside construction paper and using yarn in the hole-punched holes!

Being a teacher myself, these little touches always mean so much! Hopefully these ideas will help you if you are wanting to get a little something to say thank you to your child’s teacher.


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