Playground Makeover

We got our first daughter a wooden playground back in 2010. Considering that we had two more little ones come along in the next few years, that playground was a great investment!

Brand new playground! 2010

But after 10 years, man… the once fresh-looking wooden playground was a bit sad looking, worn from the many years of sunlight.

So, I decided to give it a makeover! I got some red deck paint/stain…

I wasn’t sure how the red shade would look, but based on pictures I saw on Google using this color, I was willing to give it a shot. I also got some forest green spray paint to paint the roof.

I got some black plastic landscaping border to put around the playset and put pine straw around the base of the playground. We also trimmed up some low-hanging limbs above the set.

Here’s the final product!

Here are some before and afters…

I also updated the underneath of the playground. I added a plywood wall (under the slide) to make a hangout area with some privacy. I also added concrete pavers under the picnic table to prevent growth.

More updated pics:

Sometimes it amazes me to see how much a simple can of paint can change something. It made this play set look brand new again!


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