Dresser Makeover

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One thing I really enjoy doing is updating furniture with chalk paint, adding new accessories, etc. I think it’s the instant gratification it gives you… you work for a few hours and you have something completely brand new in front of you that you’ve created!

My sweet friend Amy (hey Amy!) had a dresser that Goodwill actually denied… can you believe it?? It was in great condition, but one of the drawers’ bottom supports was broken, which was why they turned it down.

Anyways, Amy brought the dresser to my house for me to have so I could get my fix of updating something.

I picked out a new color of chalk paint that I’d never tried before: Serenity Blue by Rust-oleum. You can purchase it from Amazon by going here.

Serenity Blue by Rost-oleum.

Since chalk paint is SO EASY to use- no priming, sanding or prepping required- I literally just started painting.

I was really digging the color, even after one coat. It ended up taking me two coats, but I was going for a somewhat rustic look. For a totally solid look, three coats would’ve done the trick.

I purchased some new drawer handles off of Amazon. They were $10 total for ten beautiful crystal knobs. Check them out here.

I feel like the knobs gave this dresser a nice touch!

Lastly, I wanted distress the edges of the dresser. I thought that the original brown color would look really good coming through on the edges. I took a sanding square and lightly sanded down the edges until the brown came through. It doesn’t take much pressure to sand the paint off, and it just takes seconds to do!

You can see the brown edging coming through! It adds some dimension.

So there you have it! A “Goodwill reject” turned perfectly functional and classy-looking dresser! I’m thankful to have friends who encourage me and my projects. 😉


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