Adding onto our Deck

When we had our house built, our deck was a pretty typical size. We held off on having the builders add stairs, because 1) we didn’t like where they put them and 2) we wanted to make our deck bigger.

About 4 months after moving in, we found a deck company to come out and give us their opinion. Luckily, they said we could add on an additional 10 feet to the deck! Plus, the stairs could go out from the side (versus diagonally down the front of the deck, like the builder did).

Here is the original size of the deck (during construction of the house). It was about 15 ft wide.

They extended the floor of the deck by 10 feet. (We also added a window onto the basement, which is why the siding is torn off). The deck stairs, as you can see, come off from the side, so they won’t block the underneath side of the deck.

The finished off the railing up top, and continued on with the stairs.

Construction is complete! We had to let the wood sit like this for a few months before painting.

I debated about the deck color… our house is a very light gray with black shutters and white trim… I didn’t really think a deck that was completely stained brown would go. After looking at many (!!) pictures on Pinterest, we decided to go for a combination!

We also extended our concrete patio by about 15 feet.

Stained floor and white railings.

It is done! We have so much more space now!


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