What’s Your Paint Style?

When you build something from scratch, you’re all caught up in the planning, buying of the materials, making sure things are cut correctly, actually piecing it together, etc. Once it’s done, the matter of painting or staining the project is a major thought process that you usually overlook… until it’s time to do it!

My job is usually to paint/stain the projects. I am NO expert, by any means, but the more you do it, the more comfortable you get with it. I prefer using chalk paint, though I usually love the way stain looks. (It’s just so messy, and also unpredictable- the stains look completely different on different types of wood!)

Paint and stain preferences definitely depend on taste and on current trends. Sometimes it’s hard to keep up!

A few months ago, Stephen built two end tables like the ones we have in our house, to see if he could sell them online.

We decided to “play it safe” and stain it all brown, thinking it would appeal to the most people.

We did 2 just like this.

He listed the two on Facebook marketplace, and they sat… and sat… and sat. After a couple of months, Stephen suggested that we paint the bottom of the table white (and leave the tabletop stained). I finally got around to doing it, and he relisted them.

Comparison- old (right), new (left)

No lie, he had about 6 responses within a couple of hours! They were picked up the next day.

He built two more and we decided to try a new trend… gray on the top and white on the bottom. I used gray chalk paint on the top instead of stain.

The jury is still out on this one, as he just listed them today. Since gray is very “in” right now, I’m curious if they’ll sell quickly or not!

What is your paint style? What shades do you like in your house?

Mine has definitely changed with the trends over the years, but right now I think I like the white bottom/brown stained top the best. The good news is… it’s not too hard to change up furniture if you don’t like the color!


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