A Few of my Favorite (Amazon) Things

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Amazon brings out the laziness in me. When I realize I need something, I think… I could drive 10 minutes to Target/Home Depot/Lowe’s/(fill in the blank), or… I could get it sent to my door in 2 days! I choose the second option about 95% of the time. 😉 I know, I know- it’s kind of sad.

But I do love the convenience that Amazon offers, especially when you need something soon, but not necessarily immediately. I’ve also found that Amazon mostly has the same, if not better, pricing on most items than stores like Home Depot and Walmart.

I link a lot of items that I have purchased from Amazon to do a lot of our DIY items in my individual blogs, and I thought I would condense them into one site. That way, if you ever see something you like, you can bookmark this page and come back to it. I’m a big believer in recommendations and reading the reviews of items, so I’ll only list things that I would recommend, friend to friend.

Regular Paint:
-Krylon Spray Paint in Satin Sea Glass: Click here
-Rustoleum Spray Paint in Black: Click here
-Rustoleum Semi-Gloss Black: Click here

Chalk Paint: (**I would highly recommend any Rustoleum chalk paint!!! It’s very sturdy and easy to use)
-Rustoleum Chalk Paint: Linen White: Click here
-Rustoleum Chalk Paint: Aged Gray: Click here
-Rustoleum Chalk Paint: Country Gray: Click here
-Rustoleum Chalk Paint: Serenity Blue: Click here
-Rustoleum Chalk Spray Paint: Country Gray: Click here
-Rustoleum Chalk Spray Paint: Aged Gray: Click here
-Rustoleum Chalk Spray Paint: Linen White: Click here

-Minwax Polyurethane- Water-based: Click here
-Mod Podge: Click here

Wood Glue: (Titebond is our go-to and works amazingly well! Gorilla glue we have used a few times and also does great.)
-Titebond Wood Glue: Click here
-Gorilla Wood Glue: Click here

Wood Filler:
-DAP Plastic Wood-X: Click here

-Minwax Stain in Mocha: Click here
-Verathane Stain in Ebony: Click here
-Minwax Stain in English Chestnut: Click here
-Minwax Stain in Jacobean: Click here
-Verathane Stain in Kona: Click here
-Minwax Stain in Mocha: Click here
-Minwax Stain in Provincial: Click here
-Minwax Stain in Classic Gray: Click here
-Minwax in Dark Walnut: Click here

-Pocket Hole Screws: Click here

-60-Grit Sandpaper: Click here
-220-Grit Sandpaper: Click here

Decorative Wall Items:
-Art 3D Wood Grain Tiles: Click here
-Peel and Stick Brick Wallpaper: Click here
-Herringbone Stencil: Click here
-Arrow Vinyl Stickers: Click here

-Coat hooks: Click here
-Shed Door Handle: Click here
-Crystal Drawer Pulls: Click here
-Sterilite Baskets: Click here
-Cord holders: Click here
-Outlet for Charging Station: Click here
-Charging Station: Click here
-Chalkboard Stickers: Click here
-Wood Touch-Up Markers: Click here
-Poster-Paint Sharpies: Click here

Decorative Items:
-11×14 Frames: Click here
-Botanical Prints: Click here

Craft Room Hacks:
-Pegboard: Click here
-Peg Board Accessories: Click here
-IKEA Spice Racks: Click here
-Vinyl Holders: Click here

Cricut/Silhouette Accessories:
-T-shirt Guides: Click here (These are amazing!!)
-Cutting Mats: Click here
-Transfer Paper: Click here (This is a fantastic deal, for the amount you get)

I will most likely be updating this as I find more things to add, and re-posting it when I do. Hope some of these can help you with any of your own DIY projects!

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