Adding Built-In Shelving

You may have read about how we added closets on a blank wall at our old house. The space between the closets was a great place to put our desk, and I had wanted to add some built-in shelves to go above the desk. I had a picture in my head, and Stephen and our neighbor were able to create it perfectly!!

They bought the shelf wood, getting cabinet-grade wood that measured 1″ x 10″, along with trim to match the moulding of the rest of the room.

They screwed the 1×10 wood into both sides of the closets, and used those to screw the bottom shelf into. They then made the shelves by screwing the vertical ones into the bottom shelf, and using shelf holders to position the horizontal shelves. They used trim pieces to put across the top and bottom, to cover where the wood pieces met and hide any screws.

And… voila!

These are some sturdy shelves. The top left shelf has about 15 yearbooks on it… you know how heavy those suckers can be!

This wall started off blank, and now provides two closets full of storage, a spot for my desk, and shelves for books and other things. The room was still a nice size, so it didn’t noticeably cut into the space.


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