A Simple Kitchen Upgrade (For Less than $40!)

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If you are wanting to upgrade your kitchen without spending much time, money, or effort, here is an idea… update your cabinet/drawer knobs!

I just recently did this, and I absolutely love the subtle difference the new knobs made. I spent a lot of time looking around and comparing prices, and there was no competition… Amazon it was! At big box retailers, potential knobs ran, on average, $3-$5 each. Each! We have 30 knobs in our kitchen, and I wasn’t willing to spend $90-$150 just for new knobs.

So… some digging on Amazon led me to the exact look I was going for, with a price that broke down to be $1.25 each! Check them out. (This is the price as of 7/4/22). If you click the additional 20% off clickable, you will get 30 knobs for only $37.59 total!

The knobs came with two sizes of screws- a longer one for the drawers, and a shorter one for the cabinets. It took me about 45 minutes to change all 30 knobs out! Check out the before and after:

I went ahead and ordered new knobs for all of our bathrooms, too- I’m obsessed! 🙂


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