Painting Furniture- Bye Bye Oak, Hello Gray!

Hammertime is reader-supported. When you buy through links on our blog, we may earn commissions. Well, guys… I have been busy over here, and unfortunately, not with fun projects to blog about! So my blogs have been few and far between lately. This isn’t the most exciting post, but I did something this summer thatContinue reading “Painting Furniture- Bye Bye Oak, Hello Gray!”

Repurposing another Wooden Sign

There was one more wooden sign that was in my son’s room that screamed “don’t get rid of me!”. It was a nice, circular wooden sign that was designed to look like a baseball. It’s almost 3 feet in diameter, so it’s a great size! I envisioned turning it into a farmhouse-ish sign for myContinue reading “Repurposing another Wooden Sign”

Easy DIY Office Wall Sign

When we moved into our house, my son wanted a sports-themed room. In 3 years, he’s gotten over the cute signs I got for him (😢). Instead of just donating them, I decided to try to be creative and change them up! The first one I did was super easy. I didn’t take as manyContinue reading “Easy DIY Office Wall Sign”

Playroom Organization

In our house, we have an open “loft” area that we use for a kids’ area. My kids are probably a little too old for a “playroom”, but it’s where video games, a tv, legos and more are. It is almost always a disaster- this is what it typically looks like: One of my goalsContinue reading “Playroom Organization”

Fun Shiplap Wallpaper

After my first wallpaper experience (and by wallpaper, I’m talking about the peel-and-stick kind, not the official kind), I was sure I wouldn’t do it again. But… Amazon gets me. They have such dang great deals sometimes! I found this cute shiplap peel-and-stick wallpaper for cheap. I checked out the reviews and looked at theContinue reading “Fun Shiplap Wallpaper”

Filing Cabinet Makeover

I’ve been doing some furniture “makeovers” lately, and it has been fun! These makeovers are really easy, and fairly cheap, both which make me happy. 😉 Oh, filing cabinets… they are very functional, but not very pretty. I kept seeing cute ideas on Pinterest on how to jazz up a filing cabinet, and I wentContinue reading “Filing Cabinet Makeover”

Cube Shelf Makeover!

Hammertime is reader-supported. When you buy through links on our blog, we may earn commissions. I love utilizing cube shelves in my house. I usually get them from Target for about $30-45 each. They’re an inexpensive way to organize really anything! The only thing about them is that they are pretty basic looking. Normally, IContinue reading “Cube Shelf Makeover!”

Adding a Wall by Stairs

The last thing we did in our old house’s office was close in a wall where the stairs were once open, and add a single french-style door. We wanted to be able to close in the office to be an independent room, closing off some of the “open concept” that our house offered. I’ll showContinue reading “Adding a Wall by Stairs”

Adding French Doors to an Open Space

Another thing we did in our old house’s office was close in a wall and add French doors. The original spot that divided our office and dining room was really just a big opening, and we wanted the two rooms to have more of a separation from each other. Stephen and our neighbor, Billy, measuredContinue reading “Adding French Doors to an Open Space”

Adding Closets to a Blank Wall

Back in 2010, in our old house, we took our box-shaped office and completely re-did it. We added walls, french doors, closets, and built-in shelves! Stephen and our old neighbor, Billy (who is a fantastic wood-worker) did the reno over a few weekends. I wanted to break down some of the things we did intoContinue reading “Adding Closets to a Blank Wall”