Filing Cabinet Makeover

I’ve been doing some furniture “makeovers” lately, and it has been fun! These makeovers are really easy, and fairly cheap, both which make me happy. 😉

Oh, filing cabinets… they are very functional, but not very pretty. I kept seeing cute ideas on Pinterest on how to jazz up a filing cabinet, and I went for it!


I went to the Dollar Tree and purchased four 8×10 picture frames.

I used gorilla glue to attach these frames onto the fronts of each drawer. I used clamps to keep them in place until the glue dried!

Once they were totally on there good, I started painting. I used the same green color (Jack Pine by Benjamin Moore) that I used on the vertical shiplap in the office.

I kept painting- it took 3 coats in total!

I spray painted the handles black.

I screwed the handles back on, did last-minute touch up painting, and polyurethaned the top… and voila!

This was a fun $4 makeover to our filing cabinet!


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