DIY Workshop Table

Stephen has created a really cool workshop, but lately he’s realized how helpful it would be to have a taller work space (to put items on for sanding, caulking, doing anything while standing so he isn’t constantly on his knees). He whipped together some plans and created his own (ginormous) (taller) work table!

The concept was pretty simple, and it doesn’t have a finished look to it, which saved the steps of painting/staining at the end.

He used 2x4s to build a rectangular frame (for the table top to sit on). He also used 2x4s for the legs and connected them to the frame using pocket hole screws and wood glue. He put a 2×4 brace in the middle of the table, running the short length of the table, for additional support. The legs were 4 feet tall.

He used 1/2″ OSB for the table top. He kept the 4′ width and cut down the length (from 8′ to about 6′) using the circular saw. He used wood screws to secure the top to the frame. He allowed 1/2″ overhang for the top on all four sides.

As Stephen said as he’s telling me what he did: “That’s all! It was pretty simple and not very fancy”. 😉 But I will tell you that he has used this thing many times since building it!

To give you perspective, that’s a twin-sized bed swing on top.
I think we need a bigger workshop just to hold this thing 😉

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