DIY No-Screw Lantern

You may remember that I built a lantern out of scrap wood a few months ago. With our large stack of scrap wood, I decided to build another one! This time, I wanted it taller, and I also didn’t follow any specific plans. I went by what I remembered and what made sense! I cutContinue reading “DIY No-Screw Lantern”

25 Easy Scrap Wood Projects

We have an ever-growing stack of excess wood in our workshop. Every time I see it, my mind starts racing… what do we need around the house?? An extra shelf? Something decorative? I always head over to my faithful Pinterest app to look for scrap wood ideas, and have tried out a few projects thatContinue reading “25 Easy Scrap Wood Projects”

DIY Snowmen (using scrap wood)

Hammertime is reader-supported. When you buy through links on our blog, we may earn commissions. ‘Tis the season! With all of the holiday music and decorations around, I kept eyeing these pieces of scrap 6×6 wood that Stephen had in his workshop, envisioning making cute snowmen out of them. Finally, I buckled down and wentContinue reading “DIY Snowmen (using scrap wood)”