35 Easy DIY Scrap Wood Projects (That I Have Actually Done!)

We have an ever-growing stack of excess wood in our workshop. Every time I see it, my mind starts racing… what do we need around the house?? An extra shelf? Something decorative?

I always head over to my faithful Pinterest app to look for scrap wood ideas, and have tried out a few projects that I wanted to share!

  1. Large Dice

2. Carpenter Bee Traps

3. Decorative Lantern

4. Monogram Sign

5. Farmhouse Star

6. Rustic Towel Holder + Toilet Paper Holder

7. Wooden Snowmen

8. Decorative Tray

9. Coat Hook

10. Wall Sign with Clips

11. Address Sign

12-17. Six Different DIY Signs

18. Window Flower Box

19. Farmhouse Sign

20. Under the Sink Shelf

21. Farmhouse Tray

22. Adding a Frame Around a Mirror

23. Adding a Wooden Top to a Dresser

24. Adding a Wooden Frame to a Canvas

25. Farmhouse Shutters

26. Bathtub Tray

27. Couch Armrest Tray

28. Farmhouse Mirror

29. Laptop Stand

30. Side Table

31. Farmhouse Shelf + Shelf Holders

32. Window Valance

33. Step Stool

34. Desk Shelf

35. Filing Cabinet Makeover


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