DIY Scrap Wood (a.k.a. free!) Porch Side Table

I know I’ve said before how much I love making little scrap wood projects. I think I like them most because they are typically quick and cheap to make!

Our excess pile of 1x4s and 1x8s were calling my name. I have been wanting to build a little side table to go by our two rocking chairs on our front porch, and I thought, with our stack of wood, that I would have what I needed to build one.

I will say that I didn’t go by any kinds of plans, and I really didn’t spend a ton of quality time making this. I didn’t use fancy screws or crazy cuts or anything. It was very, very easy, not all that professional… but definitely serves a purpose!

First, I made my cuts.
-I cut four 1x4s to be 24″ tall (for the legs).
-For the frame for the top, I cut two pieces of 1×4 to be 16″ in length, and two to be 7.5″ in length.
-For the top of the table, I cut two 1x8s to be 16″ in length.

I built the frame by connecting the corners using wood glue, and then screwing in 2″ screws at each corner.

I then wood-glued the legs on, and then screwed 2″ screws down in the frame to secure the legs in place.

I then put the 1x8s in place on top and screwed them down into the frame.

Stephen was really sweet, and I came home from work one day- he had filled in the screw holes/cracks in the wood with wood filler. Once it was dry, he sanded the whole table. All I needed to do now was paint!

I chose black for the color… check it out!

It’s not the fanciest looking table, but it’s really sturdy, it will be very useful, and… it was FREE! That’s the best part! 😉 What would you make if you could build it for free?


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