Selling a Rental House? How to Update with Paint!

My sister is selling a house that she bought in the mid-90s, which was originally built in the 1960s. She lived in it for about 10 years, and has rented it out for the last ~ 15 years. Between the house being almost 60 years old, and the fact that the house needed some updating after the renters moved out, we had a lot of projects to do!

My sister didn’t want to put a ton of money into the house, so our contractor friend went over to look at the house and go over what it really needed. My sister prioritized the important tasks and then we (our family) tried to lend a hand where needed to help save in the costs.

Overall, things that were done included painting walls, cabinets, new flooring, new gutters, new carpet and much much more. The great news is that, even in this slowing housing market, she had a full-price offer within 3 days of it going on the market! Little updates can go a long way.

Since I love before and afters, I’m going to do a few blog posts on different rooms that we updated! First up… the living room.


That mustard yellow… 😳

There’s nothing that a little Agreeable Gray (Sherwin Williams) won’t fix!


Next up… the combined dining/TV room:


Whew- that brown! 😳😳

During: Since the paint was so dark, it took two coats of Kilz before we could paint the walls gray.

After: more gray and new carpet!

It’s amazing how much lighter paint can completely transform a space. If you’re on a budget but want to make a big statement, paint is a great place to start!


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