DIY Carpenter Bee Traps

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Do you have a carpenter bee problem where you live? We see them all the time here. The problem is that they feast on wood, so we’ve found evidence of their snacking on our house, desk, etc.!

Stephen made some carpenter bee traps a few weeks ago for our neighbor. He purchased the mason jars from Amazon, but the rest of the wood he used, he was able to use from his scrap pile. (It’s always good to hang onto those scrap pieces… you never know when they’ll come in handy!).

Stephen built these before I could snap pictures of the process (come on, shouldn’t he know better by now?? 😉 ), but here are some pics of the final products.

He woodglued the wood together into the house shape. He drilled holes large enough for the bees to fit into, but he angled them up. He did these holes on all 4 sides.
He screwed the mason jar lid into the base, and cut a hole through the base of the trap, as well as the lid.
The key is you don’t want to stain or paint the wood… carpenter bees like natural wood.
He screwed eye-screws into the top for easy hanging.

That was it!! Our neighbor was going to buy three of these on Etsy for $75 total, plus shipping. These were made for WAY less than that! Just some Sunday motivation… before you buy, see if it’s something you could try on your own first!


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