Master Bathroom Remodel- Before!

Next week, we are starting our master bathroom re-model! I’m very excited, but we are currently living in limbo- we had to remove everything from our bathroom and master closet. Let’s just say that our dining room and office are currently filled with clothes, shoes, and more! (on the plus side, I’ve found a lotContinue reading “Master Bathroom Remodel- Before!”

Removing a Garden Tub (Bathroom Re-Do)

A recent project we’ve done that has been several months in the planning stages is one at my mom’s house. When she moved into her house last summer, there were two things she had wanted to change: adding a screened-in porch, and taking out the garden tub and putting in a walk-in shower (and turningContinue reading “Removing a Garden Tub (Bathroom Re-Do)”