Backyard Shed DIY – Part 4! (Walls)

Moving on from parts one and two and three… next were doing the walls for our DIY backyard shed! Stephen purchased sheets of panel siding for sheds. They come in 4 ft x 8 ft sheets, so he did the math to figure out how much he needed. He accounted for the angled roof andContinue reading “Backyard Shed DIY – Part 4! (Walls)”

Backyard Shed DIY – Part 3! (Roofing)

Onto part 3 of our backyard shed creation- roofing! Make sure you’ve checked out parts one and two before you continue! Roofing isn’t the most exciting thing to blog about, but there are a lot of details that go into adding shingles that Stephen learned along the way. He had never done anything with shinglesContinue reading “Backyard Shed DIY – Part 3! (Roofing)”

Backyard Shed DIY – Part 2 (Framing)

This is part 2 of the DIY backyard shed blog… because holy cow, there were a lot of moving parts! If you missed the first blog on the foundation, click here and check it out. Once the foundation was complete (and very sturdy, I might add), Stephen moved onto the actual framing. His plan forContinue reading “Backyard Shed DIY – Part 2 (Framing)”

Backyard Shed DIY – Part 1 (Foundation)

Stephen’s latest DIY adventure has been building a backyard shed. He has been working on this for about a month and a half, in between work and kids’ sporting events. It’s now DONE, minus the painting (guess whose job that is??). This was a big job, and I wanted to share it with you all…Continue reading “Backyard Shed DIY – Part 1 (Foundation)”

Easy Shiplap Tutorial

Shiplap is a look that is definitely “in” right now… and I have always loved the look of it. I wanted to shiplap the wall behind our fireplace and have done a lot of research for a while now on the best way to do it. I felt like it either looked too complicated (measuring!Continue reading “Easy Shiplap Tutorial”

DIY Decorative Lantern

I made another fun thing out of scrap wood… a decorative lantern! It was SUPER easy and quick… and I didn’t even need to use screws! Let me tell you how. Wood material:-1×6 wood cut into 4 pieces that are 1″ wide, 1″ deep, and 14″ long (side supports)-1×6 wood cut into a square (5-3/4″Continue reading “DIY Decorative Lantern”

DIY Window Mullions

Guys. I think I have just done my favorite DIY to date. Do you know what window mullions are? I had no clue that was the “proper” name until I was googling something like “window grid” or “window pane lines” or something like that. I’m telling you, I love google. 😉 Do you remember whenContinue reading “DIY Window Mullions”

Under the Sink “H” Shelf

Here is my second “all by myself” project! I saw this project online and thought this would be a good one for me to attempt. Not only does building something make me feel accomplished, but I figure that the more I try, use tools, experiment, etc., the better I will get… so I’m trying toContinue reading “Under the Sink “H” Shelf”