Mud Room- Finishing Touches

So, we talked about the bench part of the mud area we created, and we also talked about the shelf on top. Now, let’s talk about the rest of the project- framing, hooks, painting, etc. We purchased three 8 foot pieces of 1x4s. We went ahead and did a coat of white on the boards,Continue reading “Mud Room- Finishing Touches”

DIY Shelf + Shelf Holders

Continuing along with my sister’s mud area, the next thing I’ll talk about is the top shelf that we built. She wanted a shelf that could hold baskets, so it would be high, but not too high that it was unreachable. We went to Home Depot to look for wooden shelf holders, and we foundContinue reading “DIY Shelf + Shelf Holders”

DIY Mud Room Area

My sister and brother-in-law have a big space that combines several “rooms” into one… there’s the laundry room, their pantry, and a serving/bar area all together. There is a gap in the wall, between where the dryer is and where their pull-down ironing board is, that she had wanted to build a mud area. ItContinue reading “DIY Mud Room Area”