DIY Farmhouse Bench

My friend, Rose, who got the farmhouse dining room table, decided she also wanted a farmhouse bench to go with it!

We modeled the bench off of the plans for the table, using the same 4x4s for legs and the same 2x6s for the top. It really was just a miniature version of the table! The bench measured 5 feet across, 17 inches tall, and 16.5 inches in depth.

Wood needed:

-three 8 foot 2x6s (pine)

-one 6 foot 4×4

-two 8 foot 2x4s

The 2x6s overlapped the frame of the bench by about 1/2 inch.

Once it was built, Stephen sanded the bench 4 times (going from lower grit to higher grits each time). He routed the edges to match the table. Then, it was off to staining and painting! I did the same stain mixture that I used on the table. It was a little harder, though, because I didn’t have the table by me to compare the colors to make sure it matched perfectly. I had to rely on pictures of the table in the same spot. 🙂

Once the color looked right, I polyurethaned the entire bench. That was it! Rose picked it up and put it in her dining room… you’ll have to check back soon for a picture of the bench and table together!


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