Framing a Frameless Mirror- Again!

Hammertime is reader-supported. When you buy through links on our blog, we may earn commissions. Once our basement was finished, we had to figure out what mirror to put over the bath vanity. We did some research, and dang- hanging mirrors can be so expensive! A 3-4 foot mirror is easily $150, if not more.Continue reading “Framing a Frameless Mirror- Again!”

Adding a Wooden Frame to a Frameless Mirror

The very first project we attempted during quarantine was adding a wooden frame around our builder-grade frameless mirror. Originally, we were going to replace the mirror with a hanging mirror of some sort. However, when you think about the amount of work tearing down a glued-on mirror, replacing the messed-up drywall, and repainting the wallContinue reading “Adding a Wooden Frame to a Frameless Mirror”