Backyard Shed DIY- Finale!

Part 5 of 5- here with our grand DIY shed finale! This blog will encompass several things, like building the doors, installing the windows, adding trim, installing the vents, painting, and more. Be sure to check out the other four shed blogs, if you haven’t already. Window: Stephen had purchased a small, working window fromContinue reading “Backyard Shed DIY- Finale!”

Backyard Shed DIY – Part 2 (Framing)

This is part 2 of the DIY backyard shed blog… because holy cow, there were a lot of moving parts! If you missed the first blog on the foundation, click here and check it out. Once the foundation was complete (and very sturdy, I might add), Stephen moved onto the actual framing. His plan forContinue reading “Backyard Shed DIY – Part 2 (Framing)”

Backyard Shed DIY – Part 1 (Foundation)

Stephen’s latest DIY adventure has been building a backyard shed. He has been working on this for about a month and a half, in between work and kids’ sporting events. It’s now DONE, minus the painting (guess whose job that is??). This was a big job, and I wanted to share it with you all…Continue reading “Backyard Shed DIY – Part 1 (Foundation)”