Dining Room Furniture Makeover

We fell in love with the dining room set we purchased, but once it was in our house, we noticed the “antique white” just didn’t go with the bright white paneling and trim. I got some chalk paint off of Amazon (which is AMAZING!), started painting… and wow, what a difference! This is the beforeContinue reading “Dining Room Furniture Makeover”

Fireplace Update

Our second quarantine project involved our fireplace. Let me give you a little background info on our fireplace. Our house was built in 2018 by a big builder. We were drowning in the 30+ pages of “upgrades”, and the $5,000 fireplace upgrade was one we quickly decided to nix. We figured we could live withContinue reading “Fireplace Update”

Adding a Wooden Frame to a Frameless Mirror

The very first project we attempted during quarantine was adding a wooden frame around our builder-grade frameless mirror. Originally, we were going to replace the mirror with a hanging mirror of some sort. However, when you think about the amount of work tearing down a glued-on mirror, replacing the messed-up drywall, and repainting the wallContinue reading “Adding a Wooden Frame to a Frameless Mirror”

All About that Paint!

Before we really got into woodworking, we usually had to hire people to build whatever it is we needed. Most of our home projects involved simpler things, like paint. But man, what a difference something like paint can make! Having lived in 3 different houses, owning 3 different rental properties, and helping prepare my parents’Continue reading “All About that Paint!”

Good Beginner Tips

Hey y’all, it’s Brooke. Here are some things Stephen and I learned pretty early on that we wanted to share: Having good tools is KEY! For example, Stephen would use a handsaw to try to cut long pieces of wood (which is virtually impossible, seeing that you have to have a perfectly steady hand toContinue reading “Good Beginner Tips”