Easy Fix to Rotted House Siding

This blog post is a little out of my norm- I prefer to blog about fun and pretty things. 😉 However, my hubby and brother worked on something this weekend that I thought I would document- you never know when this info. might help someone! Our family has a cabin that’s been around since theContinue reading “Easy Fix to Rotted House Siding”

Backyard Shed DIY – Part 4! (Walls)

Moving on from parts one and two and three… next were doing the walls for our DIY backyard shed! Stephen purchased sheets of panel siding for sheds. They come in 4 ft x 8 ft sheets, so he did the math to figure out how much he needed. He accounted for the angled roof andContinue reading “Backyard Shed DIY – Part 4! (Walls)”