New Landscaping

Just for fun, and for future comparison, I wanted to share some new landscaping we had done in our backyard!

We have a retention pond in our backyard, which isn’t the best thing to have… but on the plus side, they fenced it in nicely and they typically keep it nice and mowed/trimmed. Plus, I like to tell people we live on water-front property. 😉

New houses have been built on the other side of the pond, so we decided to plant some Green Giant trees along that side of our yard, for future privacy. We opted for the 5 foot trees versus the 10 foot ones (mainly because they were more than half the price!), so they look really small now… but they should grow a good bit in the next few years!

Here are some before and afters:

The other place we planted trees and bushes was near the shed. The shed is visible from the street, and we told our HOA that we would plant trees/shrubbery around it to block it from the road as much as possible. We also tied in the trees to give us some privacy from our neighbors directly next door. Nothing against them… but privacy is always nice to have!

So, it’ll take a little while for any of this landscaping to actually be effective, but it will be fun to compare what it looks like in a year from now!


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