Medicine Cabinet Makeover

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Ahhh…. medicine cabinets. If you’re really organized, yours will not look like mine did. In fact, it’ll probably look like the opposite of mine. I feel like, with anything medical-related, we buy on a whim (I have a cold- need to go get some cold medicine or cough drops!) without taking inventory first. Then, we have duplicates, and things are probably expired, and everything is just thrown into the cabinet.

One of our two shelves… not good!

This past summer, I was determined to find a way to organize the medicines. And find, I did! I found the most PERFECT three tier shelving system. I believe these are made for spices, but the dimensions fit our smaller cabinet just perfectly, and the system would work great for medicines, too. I got two 15″ racks for $9.99 each.

And they worked great!! Now, I’m able to see everything that is in the medicine cabinet. I put adult stuff on one level and kid’s stuff on the other. I still have a little room in the front and on the sides to put things like thermometers or bandaids.

I highly recommend these shelves if you need to organize smaller items that you need to see!


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